Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of Haibane Renmei is the depth of the cast. After watching this series I really felt like I knew these characters like old friends, but I still learn something new every time I watch again. The characters' realism is only enhanced by the wonderful job of the Japanese voice actors who bring the characters to life. This section is intended to either familiarize those who haven't seen the series with the characters or, for Haibane veterans, to add further depth to the characters you already know so well. If I've overlooked a favorite character of yours or you don't like my descriptions feel free to contact me.
Haibane Characters Rakka - Falling
Rakka is the newest addition to Old Home. The series largely focuses on Rakka's adjustment to the strange new world of Guri. If one had to pick a main character for Haibane Renmei, Rakka would be it. Although happy to have several new friends Rakka cannot help but wonder who she was before she became a haibane and if she her family was somewhere in this world. She feels a connection with the birds of Guri, especially since her dream involved falling with only a crow as company. She is very amiable and quickly becomes attatched to her new family.
Haibane Characters Reki - Small Stone
Reki is the unofficial leader of Old Home. She's tough when she needs to be but is also caring and compassionate. Her role at Old Home is to care for the young haibane as well as take care of New Feathers like Rakka. Reki is a major part of Rakka's life in Guri as she was the one who discovered her cocoon and stayed by her side during the painful process of growing wings. Reki is most always cheerful, at least on the surface. We receive hints of a darker past throughout the series. Despite whatever these problems from her past may be, Reki is a strong and reliable person, which explains why the other haibane respect her as they do.
Haibane Characters Hikari - Light
Hikari has been around Old Home the longest after Reki and Nemu at approximately four years. She is a kind person though she sometimes acts before thinking. When she saw the mold for the halo that she was to make for Rakka she was struck with the idea of pouring dough in it to make halo-like pastries. It is because of this that the little ones think that Rakka smells like cake. Not surprisingly she works at a bakery in town. Though modest about her contributions, her co-workers insist that she does more than her share, which is why they don't mind when her friends stop by to have a few treats while visiting her. Hikari may be a bit mischievous at times but she always means well and is the first to volunteer to help.
Haibane Characters Kana - River Fish
Kana is the most mechanically inclined of the haibane and spends much of her free time tinkering with machines, especially the clock tower at Old Home. She is fascinated by both the clock's intricate workings as well as the work notes mysteriously left behind by the clock's previous inhabitant. She is a bit of a tomboy, preferring a wrench to a needle any day. She is sometimes seems mean but all of her jokes are in good fun and she cares very much for her fellow haibane.
Haibane Characters Nemu - Sleep
Nemu is the oldest member of Old Home, having been there for approximately nine years. Nemu lives up to her namesake by being rather sedate and often sleeping in or taking naps. She's even been known to catch the occasional snooze at work, the town's library, but her boss doesn't seem to mind since she does such a good job. After a turbulent start she formed a close friendship with Reki when she arrived seven years ago.
Haibane Characters Kuu - Sky / Air
Kuu is the youngest haibane in the older group, having only been at Old Home one year more than Rakka. She is seemingly full of boundless energy and is nearly always cheerful. Rakka and Kuu became close friends shortly after Rakka arrived at Old Home. Kuu confides in Rakka that she had wished her to be a younger sister but was happy that Rakka wound up being older than her since she would have been placed with the younger group otherwise. Kuu is curious and enjoys trying out different things, which can sometimes result in disaster. She tried Reki's scooter and crashed into a telephone pole, and when she tried Hikari's glasses she became dizzy and fell down the stairs. She occasionally works at a cafe in town and is seemingly paid in sugar cubes.