These are images that aren't desktops but are still cool. Most of these are official pieces of art from things like DVD covers or pencil boards but I now have several works by Logozo of the OHBB. I've also got an image of Piro's (of Megatokyo fame) haibane character Memai, digitally enhanced so you can see it better. If I've posted something of yours and you'd like it taken down just me know. Also, if you have an image you'd like to submit, I'll gladly put it up. Enjoy!
chair.jpg cocoon.jpg
cover.jpg dream.jpg
dvd1.jpg group.jpg
kuramori.jpg omellete.jpg
pencil1.jpg pencil2.jpg
piro.jpg rakkaposter.jpg
redbull.jpg rekirakka.jpg
rekismoke.jpg rekisnow.jpg

Logozo's Art

logozo_Reki_Bass.jpg logozo_OHBB_Card_01c.jpg
logozo_OHBB_Card_02a.jpg logozo_Rakka_Alien_1.jpg
logozo_Rakka_Balloons.jpg logozo_Rakka_CFF_Cards.jpg
logozo_Rakka_chair.jpg logozo_Rakka_Coffee_1.jpg
logozo_Rakka_Kana_PC2.jpg logozo_Rakka_Kana_PC.jpg
logozo_Rakka_Kimono.jpg logozo_Rakka_PC3a.jpg
logozo_Rakka_rough2.jpg logozo_Rakka_Watching.jpg
logozo_Rakka_Staring.jpg logozo_Rakka_Vespa-t2.jpg