Tue Jun 20 21:14:00 2006 - New version
Hi all. No, I'm not dead, I've just been distracted by other projects. Other than school and my girlfriend, I've been spending a lot of time on the new version of my main website. I can't promise that I'll finish the episode summaries, but I probably will have time to redesign the Haibane Shrine sometime this summer. So hooray!

Mon Feb 14 10:48:20 2005 - Images, music, and desktops
Well, the desktop section has a bunch of new additions, as well as the images section, and the score page is finally up with some actual content. Also, I've settled on a snefty new thumbnail design. You know you love the drop shadows. Thanks to Logozo for letting me post his art!

Sat Feb 12 16:05:39 2005 - Neglected
My poor little Haibane Shrine has been neglected all these months! Well, I'm working on a few updates. I just put my senior paper on Haibane called "Almost Angels" up as well as a few desktops. I'll also put something up in "Score" soon. More work soon! Really! ^_^;;

Sun Jul 11 04:00:09 2004 - Haibane Shrine v2
This is the second build of my Haibane Renmei Shrine. I think it looks much cleaner, and it will (soon) have much more content. If you check within a week or two I should have all of the captures and episode summaries done! Whooo! Not just the looks have changed here, the Characters section has been rewritten. That's it for now.

01/04/04 - 18:53 EST - Captures
I added a capture section. I tend to go overboard with screen captures but that works in your favor. Uh... enjoy!

12/15/03 - 09:01 EST - Characters
I redid the character section since I got the DVDs and am now able to turn off the subtitles. I also revised some of their descriptions and probably will even more soon. The episode summaries now all have one my my analyses at the end of them. Also, I have joined a great Haibane Renmei forum that I suggest you all join, the URL is: http://cff.ssw.net/forum

09/11/03 - 09:12 EST - Doujinshi!
I now have the translated doujinshi on my site! Well, only the first book but that's pretty cool. I'll eventually put all four books but for now, go read the first one! And don't forget to read it from the top right to the bottom left.

08/31/03 - 21:32 EST - Images -nyo
I managed to track down the translated doujinshi of Haibane and added the color images to the image section. I also bought the limited edition DVD and scanned every face of it. So go check out the image section. I'll put the entire doujinshi up as soon as I can.

08/19/03 - 21:42 EST - w00t for CSS!
I finally got around to learning CSS and it has made my life a whole lot easier. You should notice less discrepencies between the pages since I can control the look of them all from one file. Also, I solved my problem with people who use high resoultions by making a tiling background image, rather than that cool one of Rakka. Oh well, the new one looks good too. Oh yeah, I'm using a table now so that I can have a navigation bar on the side. Yay! No frames!

07/20/03 - 01:26 EST - Cleaner code
I designed most of this site using Mozilla's automatic HTML generator. I figured that if it was good enough for Mozilla it was good enough for me. Unfortunetly, this resulted in some pretty nasty code there it should have been pretty simple. For instance, (['s will replace <'s) normally, to make some text bold, I would simply do this: [b]make this bold[/b]. Simple right? Well here's what Mozilla came up with: [span style="font-weight: bold;"]make this bold[/span]. Not as simple. So what resulted was bloated HTML that I couldn't really edit without using Mozilla. I decided to ditch Mozilla for the most part and do it using Notepad (well, NoteTab, thanks Cyborg!) So I guess Emily was right, whizzy-ware sux0rz. Everything should run a lot smoother too since I'm writing it myself.

06/28/03 - 16:06 EST - Characters
Character section is kind of up.... I still have to fill out the bios...

06/08/03 - 18:07 EST - Desktops and images
I put up the desktop page and the images page. I also fixed all the links. The site still isn't online though so it doesn't really matter...

05/30/03 - 20:42 EST - Finally made a Haibane shrine...
This anime is incredible. You would think that after seeing the first episode about fifteen times I would be sick of it, but I love it every time around. I will gladly burn off a copy for anyone who asks for it, just to spread the greatness that is Haibane Renmei. In this section of the website, I'll be offering some fantastic desktop images in addition to some amazing scans. I'll also have episode summaries, reviews, and the score to the series. If you like my little Haibane shrine, any comments would be appreciated: yatpay@j-fan.com